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New Loch Ness search finds caves that could be Nessie's lair

By Neil MacPhail

The mystery of Loch Ness still endures.
The mystery of Loch Ness still endures.

A report that Nessie – the mysterious and elusive denizen of Loch Ness – could be hiding out in a cave system, has caused much worldwide interest.

An expedition on the loch led by Paige Daley who runs the TikTok Official Loch Ness channel took place recently leading to the dramatic claims.

Mrs Daley said she uncovered an underground cave system which could be a perfect lair for the monster, but wished to keep the location secret for fear of disturbing whatever creature or creatures might be in there.

The caves have multiple entrances, she said, and include flooded underground passages situated adjacent to the loch shore and linked to the loch by just 100m of river.

Mrs Daley said: "The subject of the Loch Ness Monster has global appeal.

"I had been asked by Nessie followers if there were caves at Loch Ness and through subsequent research I found that subterranean caverns had been mentioned in the past, so we decided to add a search to a pre-planned visit to the loch."

Mrs Daley (29), who was brought up near Loch Ness but now lives in Colchester, was at Loch Ness for a couple of weeks filming for her TikTok community.

"Having spent my childhood near Loch Ness I was always fascinated by Nessie's story," she said.

"When the chance came to see if the caves were real, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. However, it's not at all obvious where the caves are as they are well hidden by undergrowth and quite extensive forestation.

"I was really hoping to find at least one cave at the site and from that, might conclude that if there are caves above the loch water level, maybe there would be more underwater at the same shore."

She said was surprised to find that there is an entire cave system linked to the loch by a short stretch of river. "There were multiple entrances and it was clear that these were linked up to each other within the hillside," said Mrs Daley.

However, Willie Cameron, the area's "Mr Loch Ness" and proprietor of Loch Ness Marketing, was dubious.

While not quite pouring cold water on Mrs Daley's findings, he said: "One or two people have mentioned a cave theory in the past, but I don't think it is a cave system.

"And the possibility of this system linking to the North Sea, as has been suggested, I would say is a non-starter. Loch Ness is quite a bit higher than sea level."

He added that the interest in Nessie and Loch Ness has not lessened over the years, and during last weekend's big Loch Ness hunt, he was interviewed by seven broadcasters including NBC Canada, Weird TV and Fuji TV.

Mrs Daley's visit was before last weekend's hunt taking place at various locations around the loch after the Loch Ness Centre, in Drumnadrochit, partnered with Loch Ness Exploration, an independent and voluntary research team.

Scientists and volunteers in boats swept the loch using new technology to scan and listen to underwater indications of any sizeable creature lurking there.

The monster mystery is said to be worth millions to the region each year.

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